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Justin Bieber Making Selena Gomez Sick?


Justin Bieber might be making Selena Gomez sick, claims In Touch.

The tabloid says the drama surrounding the on-and-off couple “is affecting Selena, both emotionally and physically.”

As evidence, In Touch cites Gomez’s recent hospital visit for a sore throat.

“She’s made three trips to a health care facility in just the past year, and the stress of her tumultuous relationship with Justin is getting to her,” explains an “insider” for the magazine.

Wait, so going to the doctor three times in 12 months means Gomez is “at the breaking point,” as the tabloid alleges?

According to the In Touch source, “Nothing ignites Selena’s health issues like Justin’s immaturity. Selena’s devastated. It’s sad.”

And even if the couple makes a long-term reconciliation, Gomez’s health is at risk while Bieber’s on tour, claims the mag.

“She’s having a hard time dealing with the distance between her and Justin,” a different “source” tells In Touch.

The tab’s insider declares, “The best thing for everyone is for Selena to focus on her health and for Justin to either be 100-percent devoted to her or end it. This can’t go on.”

Nor can the tabloid’s outlandish claims about Bieber and Gomez.

There’s been a lot of empty speculation in the gossip press about the stars in the past few weeks, but alleging that Bieber is pushing Gomez to the brink in terms of her physical wellness is making us a bit nauseous.

In Touch and other outlets are in the business of reading extra meaning into every little thing either Bieber or Gomez does, which is how her completely unrelated medical issue last week is being turned into a Bieber story.

A source close to the actress tells Gossip Cop there’s “absolutely no truth” to the report.

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