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You better Belieb it

Wed, 30/05/2012 - 16:24 by Peter Meehan Selena Gomez should consider herself lucky, mainly because she has a boyfriend in the shape of Justin Bieber. The man who would be willing to attack photographers for her honour. Oh Selena, you don't know how lucky you are.

Selena probably won't take our word for it, but what about renowned lover of women and mover of legs, Usher? 

Yes, Usher has declared that Justin Bieber is better at the relationships than he, when discussing Bieber's boyfriend abilities to Q Magazine, Usher explained:

"Check it out, in the area of relationships, Justin has actually done a lot better than I did. He doesn't have as many issues. He knows what he wants. 

"What were my issues? Well, maybe me not locking into one relationship. I was a little bit more experimental.

Oh Usher, you cad.

"I've had many women and I understand how to deal with a lot of different ones.

"He understands, this is a woman I'm choosing to deal with and these are the women that are there. But it is complicated, when your reality is a fantasy. Fame is the modern double-edged sword."

Justin Bieber is experiencing this first-hand at the moment, when the very photographers who are trying to take pictures of him to sell for loads of money, are now threatening to sue him.

At least he has Usher, and God. Although, according to Usher, God has played his part and now is time to take a step back:

"God did a great thing placing us in each other's lives. Because there is a world of experience only I can share with him."

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